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Blackout Poetry–Even a Noobie Can Do It.

Recently, I’ve been noticing an increase in popularity of Blackout Poetry–the method of picking out certain word of existing text to form thoughts while blocking out all the unused words. So, this Spring, when the school library began discarding old books, I grabbed some hoping I could try it for myself. My first attempt ended up being harder than I expected. I thought that the words would just pop out at me and when they didn’t, I found myself having to go through the text several times trying to figure out what words seemed form some kind of cohesive thought. Hopefully, I’ll get better at it as I practice–but I really think this is something all people can have a little fun with.  I also figured out I’m going to have to use a non-traditional method for the blacking out part because I just cannot handle the intense Sharpie smell. Below is what I ended up with–short and sweet:


“It’s over. Better yourself, son.” The man blinked his green eyes and spat tobacco on the dirt floor.


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Shy, Midwest married introvert who loves reading, writing, animals, plants, music, and a whole host of things. I love hearing from people, so don't be afraid to leave comments...just know that I sometimes take a while to respond. It's not because I don't care--I DO treasure every comment--I'm just very busy, very forgetful and very scattered.

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