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The main focus of this journal will be anything Supernatural related with a healthy dose of personal posts and, occasionally, other TV shows. I enjoy fan works and will occasionally post my own stuff.

I’m a married mother of two living in a small town in Mid-America. I’m a teacher by day, but I have many things I dream of being–astronomer, micro-biologist, photographer, writer, graphic artist, zoologist…how many lives do I get?

Also important to know, I’m deeply in *fan*-love with the multi-talented Jensen Ackles. I adore his mad acting skills, his devotion to his family and friends, how sweet he seems, his crazy antics with Jared and other things besides just his amazing good looks. But there’s always that, too. 😉

I love hearing from people, so don’t be afraid to leave comments…just know that I sometimes take a while to respond. It’s not because I don’t care–I DO treasure every comment–I’m just very busy, very forgetful and very scattered.


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